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…because you, your health and well-being are important!

FITIVITYY is all about giving you back control. Control of your body and posture, your food, your stress levels, and your confidence and self-esteem.

FITIVITYY takes a highly personalized approach, and carefully analyses peoples’ needs based on their current fitness levels, body structure, and overall well-being.

The idea behind this approach is that by providing continuous education, support, motivation and a sense of belonging, long-lasting lifestyle changes are set in motion, which will provide benefits for years to come.


Miriam Kuster, Founder of FITIVITYY

Yes, “Personal Trainer” is printed on the back of my T-shirt, and yes, my certification documents from the Australian Institute of Fitness and Precision Nutrition are somewhere deeply buried in one of my drawers, but there is just a little bit more to me than meets the eye.

I am many things, but what is maybe interesting to you is that I am also a Criminologist and worked as a Security and Intelligence Analyst at companies such as ABN AMRO, Uber and Max Security Solutions. I have even managed to face a full-blown burn-out at the age of 27, and am therefore all too familiar with “lack of time”, “high stress levels” and “too little energy”. For me, fitness came to my absolute rescue.

Myself, along with my fellow health and well-being network are in a position to help you feel more energized, stronger, healthier and full of life. We may even be able to help you put things back in perspective and work out what sets your soul on fire.

Lastly, extreme diets and trainings are a no-go with me. The point is to improve your lifestyle for the long run, and I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


.. you already know it. One cannot go without the others.




Personalised and carefully designed training sessions based on your needs. A big emphasis is placed on correct technique and safe execution of movements.




As “abs are made in the kitchen”, you will be provided with a recommended macro nutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) breakdown along with a nutritional plan.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching


This part focuses on how to stay motivated and train the mind to also become stronger. Regular chats and becoming part of the Tribe community will help you stay on track.


… here are some goals you might have:

Getting your Hulk on

Getting your Hulk on

Also known as increasing your strength and toning your muscles

Shedding those extra kilos

Shedding those extra kilos

Also known as dropping your bodyfat percentage

Improving your posture

Improving your posture

Also known as battling the problems associated with prolonged sitting

No gym, no problem

No gym, no problem

Also known as learning how to work out at home or during travels

Boosting energy

Boosting energy

Also known as producing endorphins (happy hormones) through exercise


What the crew has to say:


As a karate fighter I wasn’t that interested in fitness and gym training as in my head it would just make me so much more slower (speed is key in karate). Nevertheless, I did still want to look fit and look good. I just really didn’t know how to do that by staying fast and athletic.
Then, I met Miriam at a personal development meeting. I was impressed by her storytelling, her positivity and her passion about sport. I was going through a tough time at the moment and I really felt like I needed someone like her to help me get out of it all.
So I decided to meet her for training. Before we started, Miriam and I had a talk about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. I was so impressed when I figure out that the first training I did was exactly in line with what I needed to achieve my goals! So I signed up, and I never did regret it. All the trainings I did were crazy and hard, but that’s what I asked for. I broke my limits so many times. In only a month, I had massive changes. My body got really fit, and even more important, I improved my speed and my cardiovascular skills. I just couldn’t believe it. Also, I learned a real lot about sports in general. Now I feel able to train properly by myself and even train some of my friends!
More than just a trainer, Miriam was for me an example. I learned so much from her in only a month. Not only about sports and training, but also about life. Thanks to her I feel more mature, more manly, more perseverant and far more positive. Thank you Mimi!

Liam Student


Miriam is such a passionate personal trainer! I was done with training at the gym. I was not motivated and felt like quitting every time. I always thought it was because I didn’t like that specific gym anymore but in fact my lack of motivation and determination was the problem.
When there is a day you don’t feel like training Miriam will still get the most out of you. She surprise me every time with new training methods. I would never have been so motivated to have a good athletic body if it wasn’t for Miriam’s way of coaching.

Devon Engineer


The last couple of years I intensified training in a gym, always looking for what works for me. Then I got pregnant, had a beautiful baby girl. For 1.5 years, I hit the gym maybe 10 times.

My boyfriend proposed, so I needed to get in shape! I thought I knew something about training and just wanted a trainer that knew her stuff, but could also relate to a corporate job and does not give crazy advise on food.

That is where Miriam came in, and I love her! She always surprises me with the workouts, is fun to hang around with and has a body that inspires. After our first 10 sessions I could already see such a big difference.

I love it and will keep training, not only for my wedding but for better life balance!

Loes Gemeente Den Haag


What makes Miriam’s method so special is that she takes personality, lifestyle and psyche into consideration. She looks at me before every single training and knows if we rather warm up with boxing or slow fluid motions. She helped me succeed in a long term change of lifestyle instead of just reaching a certain number on the scale. Office job and lots of travel make it hard to stick to a fixed plan, but with Miriam’s help and adaptable plan I managed to stick with training to matter where I am. Healthy, resilient and confident!

Sarah Project Manager


Miriam has been a really responsive and motivating trainer since Day 1. We set up a meeting shortly after I contacted her and she turned up with a heap of plans and ideas, ready to smash my fitness goals. She keeps training really varied and fun. She is punctual and reliable and always prepared. I’d definitely take the opportunity to train with her.

Erin Fulltime Mum


Miriam, my first personal trainer, 5 years ago this weapon showed me where my limits were and how to push past them, I was amazed each time we trained with what my body is capable of.

I’ve no doubt my in intensity would be no where near where it is today without the guidance of Miriam.

And to top it all off she’s a rad chick to hang with at the gym.

Grant Australian Mining


Miriam is a fantastic coach who really pushed me to achieve my best. She was very supportive and helped me appreciate the amazing strength within my body. Real women lift!!!

Sally Lawyer


Here are your options

Individual Training Session

€65 PH
Individual Training Session
Initial goal-setting chat
Movement and postural assessment
Nutritional guidance
Personalised trainings
Home and Travel workouts
Progress tracking
Joining the Fitivityy Community

10 Session Training Pack

€50 PH
10 Session Training Pack
Initial goal-setting chat
Movement and postural assessment
Nutritional guidance
Personalised trainings
Home and travel workouts
Progress tracking
Joining the Fitivityy Community


€10 PH
Outdoor group trainings
Suitbale for all fitness levels
Meet new people
A great team building event for companies
Community focused
Conducted in English
Fun and energetic


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe



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